Christmas in Vienna Austria

The Top Ten Things to do in Vienna during Christmas

When traveling to different places around the world, thereare certain times during the year that people will travel. If you happen to bein Vienna, Austria during Christmas time, you’re lucky. Knowing what is goingon during Christmas that tourists need to do is a plus, therefore, here’s a topten list of things you can do while enjoying your stay in Vienna, Austria.

If you are into music or familiar with the greats, there is the Mozart Christmas Concert that you must attend. Since Mozart was the most famous musician from Austria, this is a big deal. The concert is in the Sala Terrena, close to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This Palace is decorated elaborately for Christmas and the concert takes place on Christmas Eve. It is done once a year, so missing this would be devasting.

Vienna Christmas Markets are extremely popular with locals, but mostly tourists during the festive season. These started in the Middle Ages, but they have gotten much more modern, with the changing times. These markets open in the middle of November and usually end at Christmas; however, some are open until New Years Eve. Tourists can buy souvenirs, Christmas music, lights, crafts, food, and the experience of a lifetime.

Ice skating is always a memory making experience and a lot of us Westerners have never even attempted to ice skate. Throughout Vienna, there are ice skating rinks set up for the wintertime. These ice rinks are extremely popular, and you should check it out.

The Imperial Butterfly house is one of the warmer places to visit while you’re in Vienna. It is in Burggarten park and it makes you feel as if its nice and warm outside with its hotter indoor temperatures. The beauty of the butterflies is something you do not want to miss.

Go out to eat at one of the most delicious restaurants in the world. Vienna has a lot of great places to dine and enjoy some quiet time.

If you are single or newlywed, the clubbing option is always available to you as well. You never know what the late nights will bring.

Check out a museum while in Vienna. Most of the art museums are open during the Christmas season.

Have a nice walk through the 1st district and check out the lights and decorations. Get filled with cheer as you wander the streets of Vienna. This is the cities center and its beautifully decorated this time of year.

The Vienna Operaball or Vienna Opera Ball is an annual event that dates back from 1877. It is very swanky and dancers from Vienna are showcased. A must see!

Check out the Viennese coffee houses. Why not, it’s a cold winter’s day, you need something to warm you up and taste great too. There are many coffee houses in the city that offer a wide variety of tastes.