When and Why to Switch to Senior Dog Food

Our dogs are living longer than ever before. While advancements in vet practices play a part, the bigger factor is better nutrition. Because our dogs are spending more years as “seniors,” we need to be prepared to care for them in their old age. Often, this means changing their diet as they age.

When is your dog “old”?

Dogs are considered “old” when they have reached the last third of their life expectancy. If your dog is expected to live about 12 years, then they are considered “senior” at eight. Small dogs with longer life expectancies will be considered senior after 10, while large breed dogs may be “old” at six or seven.

Overweight dogs will also age faster than those who are slender and fit.

Changes as a result of aging.
Just because your dog has reached the “senior” milestone doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be switched to a new diet. Many vets recommend waiting until you see signs of aging to consider a diet swap. Watch for lower energy levels, weight gain, and a possible decrease in appetite. This could mean your dog’s metabolism is slowing down. It could also indicate dental issues, which makes it harder for your dog to eat. A reluctance to play or exercise could also indicate joint pain. Any of these symptoms might mean it’s time to adjust your dog’s diet.

Why feed a senior dog food?

There are three main components that set senior dog food apart from a regular diet: lower calories and fat, higher fiber, and better protein sources. Older dogs have a slower metabolism and are less active, so they need fewer calories than a younger dog. Constipation can be a problem in older dogs, which is why an increase in fiber is important. You can even add wheat bran to their food to increase fiber intake. Third, better protein sources are easier to digest, and can also take a load off the kidneys, which may start to function less efficiently in senior dogs.

Older dogs may also need to increase their water intake. Being well-hydrated makes it easier for older organs to function and flush toxins from the body. If your senior dog isn’t drinking as much as usual, you may consider feeding some canned food or adding water to the dry food to increase water intake.

How to transition to senior food.

Some senior dogs may be able to stay on their current food, fed in smaller amounts. This is a good option for pets who are otherwise healthy with no known joint or organ issues. If you decide to switch to a new food, consult with your vet to decide the best option. If your dog still has a healthy appetite, you can mix old food in with new food gradually until your dog has transitioned to the new food. This strategy can reduce digestive upset by switching too quickly, especially with that fiber increase!

Many senior dogs start to show a decrease in appetite. There are a number of strategies you can employ to make the food more enticing to your pet. Start by adding water to the dry food, or feeding some wet food. Many times, dental issues may be preventing dogs from eating even if they are hungry. If you know it’s not a dental issue, you can add items to make the food more palatable. Adding a raw egg or some cooked chicken or veggies may entice your dog to eat. If your dog is incredibly picky, you may also switch to an all-people-food diet, but make sure to check with your vet to ensure proper nutrition.

What about supplements?

Many dog owners give their dogs supplements to help with joint health. The two most popular are chondroitin and glucosamine. Vets recommend using the veterinary formulas rather than the human ones. While these supplements can help a great deal with joint pain, vets are also quick to point out that weight control is just as important to joint health. An overweight animal will put undue stress on joints, aging them faster than the supplements can help.

Christmas in Vienna Austria

The Top Ten Things to do in Vienna during Christmas

When traveling to different places around the world, thereare certain times during the year that people will travel. If you happen to bein Vienna, Austria during Christmas time, you’re lucky. Knowing what is goingon during Christmas that tourists need to do is a plus, therefore, here’s a topten list of things you can do while enjoying your stay in Vienna, Austria.

If you are into music or familiar with the greats, there is the Mozart Christmas Concert that you must attend. Since Mozart was the most famous musician from Austria, this is a big deal. The concert is in the Sala Terrena, close to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This Palace is decorated elaborately for Christmas and the concert takes place on Christmas Eve. It is done once a year, so missing this would be devasting.

Vienna Christmas Markets are extremely popular with locals, but mostly tourists during the festive season. These started in the Middle Ages, but they have gotten much more modern, with the changing times. These markets open in the middle of November and usually end at Christmas; however, some are open until New Years Eve. Tourists can buy souvenirs, Christmas music, lights, crafts, food, and the experience of a lifetime.

Ice skating is always a memory making experience and a lot of us Westerners have never even attempted to ice skate. Throughout Vienna, there are ice skating rinks set up for the wintertime. These ice rinks are extremely popular, and you should check it out.

The Imperial Butterfly house is one of the warmer places to visit while you’re in Vienna. It is in Burggarten park and it makes you feel as if its nice and warm outside with its hotter indoor temperatures. The beauty of the butterflies is something you do not want to miss.

Go out to eat at one of the most delicious restaurants in the world. Vienna has a lot of great places to dine and enjoy some quiet time.

If you are single or newlywed, the clubbing option is always available to you as well. You never know what the late nights will bring.

Check out a museum while in Vienna. Most of the art museums are open during the Christmas season.

Have a nice walk through the 1st district and check out the lights and decorations. Get filled with cheer as you wander the streets of Vienna. This is the cities center and its beautifully decorated this time of year.

The Vienna Operaball or Vienna Opera Ball is an annual event that dates back from 1877. It is very swanky and dancers from Vienna are showcased. A must see!

Check out the Viennese coffee houses. Why not, it’s a cold winter’s day, you need something to warm you up and taste great too. There are many coffee houses in the city that offer a wide variety of tastes.

Ovente 1.5L BPA-Free Glass Electric Kettle Review

The Ovente 1.5L BPA-Free Glass Electric Kettle is one of the most reliable and popular electric kettle that is available in market at present. It is able to offer you highly efficient and effective services without compromising on the quality. It real is a great deal to invest your money in. It is suitable to be used both in your home as well as the office.


Ovente 1.5L electric kettleThis electric kettle is able to provide you the facility of fast heating and is known to provide you the efficient services. Taking care of the safety of the user the kettle automatically switches off when required.  It is one of the best cordless electric kettles available in the market. There is also provided the LED light indicator for better services. This kettle is also meant to provide you the Boil-Dry protection as well. It is meant to offer you the high-quality and BPA free services in order to not harm the quality of water. All the safety measures had been taken care of properly. This electric kettle works extremely fast and is able to provide you the hot water according to the desired level. It is extremely easy as well as safe to be used by anyone. This device starts working in just a few steps and does not involve any of the complicated method. The cleaning of this kettle is extremely easy and also you need not require much space to store it. It can really be stored even in smaller spaces because of its compact size.


  • This electric kettle is extremely cheap and is available in an affordable price range.
  • It is able to provide you the large water capacity to carry.
  • The construction of this water kettle is made up of strong material. This is done to provide you the durable services.
  • It is very easy to be stored as well as clean.
  • This device works with an extremely simple operation.


  • Even if this kettle is just 1100 watts it takes longer than the usual to heat the water.


If you are considering getting the best deal; it will be wise to invest in the Ovente 1.5L BPA-Free Glass Electric Kettle. This surely will be able to provide you the above satisfactory services. This product is a worthy investment to make even if it has some of the known disadvantages.

Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rods Review

When looking around for a the best fishing rods, it is important to remember what will be required in the crucial moment to make your final catch. A comfortable grip, sturdy, stability, durability, and sensitivity are some of the things you should look for when it comes to fishing rods. With Berkley Cherrywood Casting Rods, you don’t have to look further.

Product Features:

Users of this rod can expect a lifetime of reliable  usage from this exceptional rod from Berkley. In comparison to the competitors, a lot of satisfied customers testified to prefer its design compared to complex and expensive brands. This rod’s design comes in various lengths from 5.6 ft to 7 ft, depending on its intended use and user preference. It comes with distinctive detailed metallic red with natural look cork grip as well as complementary black fittings.

At a glance, the features and build of Berkley Cherrywood Casting Rods reveal why it is famous among other rods. Its SS304 aluminum oxide guides tailored for this fishing rod provide superior support for fishing line movement. The SS304 is twenty times the strength as well as much lighter than traditional aluminum oxide guides. This allows this rod to be more

Berkley Cherrywood Casting Rods are designed specifically not only to be durable yet lightweight, but for grip and comfort. This product features natural look corks, which handle to aid friction on the palm and stability, while maintaining the structure’s balance, allowing dynamic movements at crucial moment.

The crafting of the handle is simple and subtle, yet extremely effective, delivering an excellent base to help users land their catch perfectly. This design is complete with an inclusion of such guides and has been tested to assure quality and guaranteed to be a reliable companion to all of your fishing activities.


• Berkley Cherrywood Casting Rods are equipped with quality features designed to give you nothing but results.
• Good design
• Sensitive
• Durable
• Affordable


• Some buyers have concerns about defective products, but it actually depends on the store where you purchase it. So, make sure to shop at the right store to get quality product.

Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod Review

The Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod is a dependable spinning rod perfect for those who want to get a good quality product with no need to spend more than a hundred dollars.

Shimano Stimula 2-PieceA real bargain for its price, the 2-piece spin rod delivers what it promised to do so with little to no effort on the fisherman’s part. The mere fact that this was created by Shimano, which is undoubtedly one of the industry’s world renowned brands, you can expect for its construction to be topnotch.

Product Features:

The lengths available today vary from 5 to 7 feet. This rod has guides made from aluminum oxide complemented by the EVA butt cap which can be used to support the item against the body of the user. This model also boasts of a hook keeper which will let you keep tabs on the things happening with the hooks with no need to swing them around.

As Shimano Stimula is made available in various power ratings, this can be counted on to be used to experience great results for different kinds of fishing. Those who are planning to go for this particular choice may opt to get the appropriate type of rod depending on the particular species that they are targeting.

Fishing aficionados can catch anything, from salmon to trout to small and big bass with the use of this rod. Since fishing techniques can differ from one person to another, it is recommended that you first assess your preferences and needs before you to decide to shop for one.

Typically, Shimano Stimula is most advisable to be used in freshwater conditions. But, there are a lot of people who are claiming that it did not fail them when they tried to use it in saltwater. It goes without saying that in order to ensure that the product stays in its most excellent state, you have to give it a good rinse after you use it in the ocean or sea.

In short, simple as it is, you can tailor this rod according to your preferences and requirements. It helps in taking the guess work out as far as reliability, durability and convenience are concerned and this can also get the job done without asking for too much of a learning curve from the person who uses it.

Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod is stable, reliable and sturdy. This is also sensitive enough to feel the bites of small fish yet strong enough to tire out even the bigger fish. It is simple yet it covers all you need. It is highly recommended to be used as the main fishing rod if you are a beginner. This quality rod also comes at a very low price. It is attractive and can stay strong and last you for a long time. it is also a good backup for the most experienced anglers.


  • Is very durable
  • Is highly sensitive
  • Good for all terrain fishing


  • Some models can be quite pricey